Procurement Training Sessions

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Purchasing Card

The Purchasing Card Training will help employees learn (or relearn) all the rules and expectations of being a University Visa card holder. This training is mandatory to obtain a card. It includes an overview of the purchasing card process, discusses university rules and guidelines for the purchasing card specifically, and explains monthly statements along with the approval signature requirements and the procedure of the yearly audit. It is highly recommended that all supervisors take the cardholder training as they are required to approve transactions made by their subordinates.

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Basic Purchasing/Requisition

Basic Purchasing/Requisition Training will provide an overview of all methods that are available to spend University funds, including purchase orders, limited purchase checks, and purchasing cards. University employees should be aware of all monetary options in order to use the appropriate technique for the needs of their department. The training will help university employees learn (or re-learn) how to navigate University Policy and Procedures, paperwork, and options associated with spending University funds.

The training will also provide a hands-on experience in using Banner to effectively enter requisitions.  The training will cover how to speak Banner-ese, decipher Banner errors, select the appropriate commodity code, and much more.

This is a one-on-one training. Call 8302 or fill out the form below to make an appointment.