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Limited Purchase Checks
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What are LPCs?

  • LPCs are blank checks that can be used by departments for small-dollar purchases.
  • There are two types of LPCs, those with a $150 limit and those with a $500 limit.
  • LPCs require two signatures.  One signature must be an authorized signer (the Purchasing Office will obtain this signature).  The other signature can be anyone.

What are the benefits of using LPCs?

  • Allow employees to obtain certain goods and services much faster and easier.
  • Provide an alternative way to purchase low-dollar goods for employees or programs that do not have a P-Card.
  • Provide a way to purchase low-dollar goods from vendors that don't accept P-Cards or POs.

What are some examples of target purchases intended for this program?

  • Office Supplies
  • Student/Club Projects
  • Appropriate Food


Always keep LPCs in a secure place. Remember that LPCs can be counter-signed by anyone.

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