Holt, Emily A
Dr. Emily Holt
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Interests: My primary interests are in plant community ecology, community analysis, and undergraduate biology education. I investigate the impact of disturbance on natural communities of vascular and non-vascular plants. My past research has explored the compositional shifts in lichen communities as tundra ecosystems are burned or grazed by reindeer, and as prairie ecosystems are converted to woodlands. I have also conducted extensive floristic inventories of vascular plants in central Colorado and lichens and bryophytes of northwestern Alaska. My current scholarship focuses on student understanding of plagiarism in biology and quantifying air pollution using lichens.

Teaching: My courses are administered through Canvas (https://uvu.instructure.com). The courses I teach at UVU include: General Biology (BIOL 1010), College Biology I (BIOL 1610), Biogeography (BIOL 490R), Lichens & Bryophytes (BIOL 490R), General Ecology (BIOL 3700), and Senior Seminar (494R).


Ph.D., Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University, 2007. Dissertation: “Community gradients of arctic macrolichens in relation to succession, grazing and the environment.”

M.S., Botany, University of Wyoming, 2002. Thesis: “Vascular flora of the Sawatch, West Mosquito, and west Gore Ranges and Castle Peak area, Colorado.”

B.A., Colorado College, 1998.