Dr. Anne R, Wairepo
Sr Director - Women's Success Center
LC 303
(801) 863-3020
(801) 863-6997
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Dr. Anne R. Wairepo is the Director of the Women’s Success Center at Utah Valley University. She has been involved in youth education and leadership for the last 20 years and now specializes in helping women accomplish their educational goals. Before accepting this position, Anne was the Director of Student Leadership at Brigham Young University. She finished her doctorate there in Educational Leadership and Foundations. Between her time at BYU and UVU, Anne married a New Zealander and lived abroad for several years. Now with a growing family, she’s thrilled to be back in Utah working with fantastic women who want to make a difference in the world! Anne is passionate about Utah women committing to their own graduations.


Helping Women Understand the Value of Education

Women don’t hear nearly often enough, “Hey, you’re fantastic at doing what you do! I’ll bet you can do anything” or “You are so smart, any school would be lucky to have you!” Unfortunately most women grow up with a dismal amount of positive feedback about their education and, sadly, this trend continues today. Many women are not reaching the potential they have within them. Whether you’re interested in starting school or returning, there are some important things you should know. Even if education is not in your path, there are so many other young girls and women you can influence in positive ways. Let’s talk about how we can help all women succeed. There’s so much you can do to encourage women in your family, your neighborhood, your community, you name it!  There’s a way a woman can help herself and other women have richer, fuller, more productive lives: education is one of the most powerful keys.