Golden, Tracy
Assistant Professor - Social Work
Last Updated: 9/2/15 -

 Hello!  My name is Dr. Tracy Golden.  I am an assistant professor of Social Work in the Bachelors of Social Work program (BSW) and am thrilled to be part of the Behavioral Science Department at UVU.  I generally teach an introductory Social Work class each semester (SW 1010), and I also teach an upper division class in the BSW Program - Human Behavior and the Social Environment (SW 3300).

I believe strongly in the mission of UVU -- to be academically rigorous, engaged in classrooms and the community, to focus on student success and to be inclusive and accepting of diversity.  I have high expectations for my students, including regular class attendance and intense involvement in team based learning activities.  Regardless of the topic of a given course, my goal is to provide students with skills and knowledge they can bring into their lives and work, whether they become social workers or not.  My classroom goals are to improve 1) your ability to think critically; 2) your compassion for yourself and those around you; 3) your willingness to contribute in meaningful ways to your community; and 4) your skill at oral and written communication.  My number one priority for students is that they complete their college education and find satisfying employment.

I have an active research program and involve as many students as I can in ongoing projects.  Currently I am conducting a qualitative outcome evaluation on a community-based drama program intervention for children with autism.  My past work includes a qualitative analysis of relationship development between parents and their children affected by autism.  Additionally, I have interests in studying the adaptation to college of students with an ASD diagnosis.

In addition to my faculty responsibilities, I have a small, private practice in Salt Lake City with an emphasis on teens and adults with High Functioning Autism and Aspergers Syndrome.  I use cognitive behavioral approaches combined with coaching on relationship development.

I love UVU and the students here -- I see hardworking folks who juggle jobs, parenting responsibilities and the rigors of college.  I respect all of your efforts and wish you the best, whether I get to have you in one of my classes or not.