Anderson, Chris
CB 207R
Last Updated: 5/29/17 -

Dr. Anderson is the Psychology Lecturer in Behavioral Science department. He received his PhD from Brigham Young University in Clinical Psychology and completed his clinical training at the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland, OH. Depending on the semester he teaches Positive Psychology; Applied Behavioral Science Research; Experimental Psychology; Clinical Research; Research Methods; Intro to Therapy; and Intro to Psychology.

Dr. Anderson also maintains a research team with interests in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, Positive Psychology, and Pedagogy. Current projects in Health Psychology are seeking to identify behavioral and emotional patterns associated with obesity to better inform weight management strategies. Other projects aim to identify strategies to reduce stigma associated with obesity. Future projects in field will seek to identify the effectiveness of behavioral interventions for depression. Current projects in Positive Psychology and Pedagogy are examining the influence of wellness in the classroom setting on student satisfaction and achievement.