Henry, Thomas
Associate Professor of Basic Composition
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Dr. Henry teaches in the Department of Basic Composition at Utah Valley University. Dr. Henry possesses a doctoral degree in Rhetoric & Technical Communication from Michigan Technological University; respectively, he possesses MA and BA degrees in English from Northern Arizona University. He is a contributor to The Bedford Bibliography of Basic Writing (Bedford/St. Martin's Press), Teaching Basic Writing (The McGraw-Hill Companies), Computers and Composition Online, The Basic Writing e-Journal, and the Utah English Journal. His research specializations are in college composition, technology, and technical communication. He is a past instructor of Electronic Communication across the Curriculum (with Dr. Richard Selfe) where he has taught visual design and digital imaging. Also, he is a past visiting professor at Grand Valley State University, where he studied Directed Self-Placement and Portfolios in composition programs. Finally, he is the past Membership Chair and Vice President of the Utah Council of Teachers of English. Dr. Henry is a three-time nominee and recipient of the Utah Valley University Faculty Excellence Award (2011). In addition, he is a three-time nominee and recipient of the University College Dean's Service Award (2012).