Loveridge, Robert L
Director - Institutional Research/Info
BA 205
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Director of Institutional Research, &
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
Institutional Research & Information

Robert is a member of the Executive Division's Office of Planning and Budgets at UVU and currently serves as the director of Institutional Research & Information. As director, he oversees all office functions. The office produces and prepares official reports for the University, so it can fulfill accreditation requirements, State, National and Institutional reporting and disclosure requirements.  The office actively supports student, staff, faculty,and institutional research through surveys, longitudinal studies, specialize research requests, including enrollment, retention, and graduation plus program support information needed for academic and non academic offices. 

Robert has taught several courses in Mathematics including Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Statistics, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry and Calculus. He has worked in the areas of testing, student services, evaluation, and assessment. Robert serves as a liaison with ACT and is current the State Representative of the Utah ACT Council, a national trainer for AIR on IPEDS, and has several other college and statewide assignments.

Robert L. Loveridge has been at UVU since 1985.
Ph.D. in Educational Research, Evaluation, and Administration with a minor in Statistics from New Mexico State University, 1976
M.A. in Educational Administration with a minor in Statistics plus a masters equivalency in Mathematics from New Mexico State University, 1972
B.S. in Mathematics from Brigham Young University, 1969

I believe each student has great potential and the ability to learn. I believe students are obligated to study and apply themselves to learn. I believe students need to be able to demonstrate what they have learned through examination and class projects. I believe individuals should be given opportunities to demonstrate their acquired proficiency of course content throughout the entire course. I believe students should be able contact me at times and places outside of class. Additionally, I believe it is important for students to use and apply subject knowledge in practical ways and link their knowledge to other important life skills they have or are learning.