Oh, Cheolhwan
Associate Professor - Computer Science
CS 520E
Last Updated: 10/20/16 -


• Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering,
  Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
• Master of Science in Electrical Engineering,
  University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA
• Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering,
  Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Courses taught at UVU

Computer Engineering Problem Solving with Matlab and LabVIEW (EENG 1020, ECE 1020)
Fundamentals of Electric Circuit Analysis (ECE 2210)
Fundamentals of Electric Circuit Analysis Laboratory (ECE 2215)
Circuit Theory (EENG 2270, EENG 2250, ECE 2250)
Circuit Theory Laboratory (EENG 2275, EENG 2255)
Digital Design I (EENG 2700)
Digital Design I Laboratory (EENG 2705, ECE 2705)
Applied Engineering Probability and Statistics (CS 479R, ECE 3710)
Engineering Analysis (EENG 3750, ECE 3750)
Signals and Systems (EENG 3770, ECE 3770)
Artificial Neural Networks (CS 479R)
Electronic Systems Laboratory (EENG 4765)
Object-Oriented Programming (C++) (CS 1410)
Computer Organization and Architecture (CS 2810)

Other teaching experience

Teaching assistant (Purdue University)

Undergraduate courses:
Linear Circuit Analysis I
Electronic Measurement Techniques (Lab Instructor)
Advanced C Programming
Feedback System Analysis and Design
Digital Signal Processing with Applications (Lab Instructor)

Graduate courses:
Digital Signal Processing I
Optimization Methods for Systems and Control
Modern Automatic Control


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