Tolman, Anton
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 Personal History:

I received my undergraduate psychology degree from the University of Denver and my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Oregon.  I served my internship in Connecticut at a state psychiatric hospital. 

After earning my degree, I worked at the Wyoming State Hospital, then established an outpatient private practice with two partners, later returning as Chief Psychologist to WSH.  I also worked as the Unit Manager for the Adolescent Treatment Unit for two years simultaneous with leading the Psychology  Department.  After leaving WSH, I worked for six years as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.  I have been at UVU now for more than 8 years and love the University. I currently teach half-time and serve as the Faculty Development Coordinator for UVU's recent Title 3 grant.  I maintain my clinical license while teaching and working in administration.  It keeps my skills sharp and informs both my teaching and my research. 

My clinical interests are primarily focused on depression, anxiety disorders, marital therapy and forensic work, particularly in the area of violence risk or dangerousness assessment.  My research interests are focused on several themes related to teaching and learning:  power issues in the classroom, metacognition, and resistance (both on the part of students and faculty).  

Current Projects:  I am in the midst of a project to complete a book with a team of colleagues and students related to student resistance to active learning.  I also have a nearly completed manuscript on some instruments that I have developed to measure student metacognition and readiness to change.  These things tend to keep me quite busy at the moment!  

Publications and Presentations

I have a published a book on depression called Depression in Adults (available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other good stores!) that went through three editions.  However, my initial publisher was bought out by one of the large national publishers, and they have not updated my book, although it is still available (it is outdated by now, but I don't have control over pulling it).  I have published articles related to training psychologists on issues of dangerousness and duty to warn, professional and justice system issues on risk assessments, ethical issues with risk assessment, and psychology and psychopharmacology. I also have several publications and book chapters related to power dynamics in the college classroom, student metacognition and engaged teaching.  As noted above, we have a book project in the works which we hope to finish soon.