Tolman, Anton
Professor, Director, Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence
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 Personal History:

I got my undergraduate psychology degree from the University of Denver and my doctorate from the University of Oregon.  I served my internship in Connecticut at a state psychiatric hospital. 

After earning my degree, I worked at the Wyoming State Hospital, then established an outpatient private practice with two partners, then returned as Chief Psychologist to WSH.  I also worked as the Unit Manager for the Adolescent Treatment Unit for two years simultaneous with leading the Psych Department.  After leaving WSH, I worked for six years as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.  I have been at UVU now for more than 7 years and love the University. I currently teach half-time and serve as the Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence  I maintain my clinical license even while teaching and working in administration.  It keeps my skills sharp and informs both my teaching and my research. 

My clinical interests are primarily focused on depression, anxiety disorders, and marital therapy.  My research interests are focused on several themes:  the psychology of evil, the professional/forensic assessment of psychopaths and dangerous offenders and the reactions of the justice system to expert testimony on these issues, and how to improve and enhance quality teaching.  

Current Projects:  Currently, I am working on manuscripts related to how attorneys view experts who testify about violence and a larger piece discussing the obstacles that exist in the criminal justice system to effective use of clinical and forensic information to make decisions about violent offenders.  We have completed some preliminary studies of how college students, at least, view evil people, and we need to write that up.  I am also working on evaluating how well we professors share power with students in the classroom and on a couple of manuscripts related to the Teaching Academy we are running here at UVU and Learner Centered Teaching approaches.  Most of my research projects involve students.  

Publications and Presentations

I have a published a book on depression called "Depression in Adults" (available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other good stores!); this is the 3rd edition of the book, but my publisher was just bought out, so stay tuned (get the book now!).  I have published articles related to training psychologists on issues of dangerousness and duty to warn, professional and justice system issues on risk assessments, ethical issues with risk assessment, and psychology and psychopharmacology. This summer a student and I presented our paper on attorneys' views of experts in Vienna, Austria at a forensic conference, and my paper with another student on the Psychology of Evil was presented at the forensic conference in Florida.  Most recently, I presented a paper at the national POD conference (for faculty developers).