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Associate Professor - Earth Science
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Curriculum Vitae



Joel A. Bradford

Associate Professor,

Earth Science/Environmental Management


Utah Valley University

800 W. University Parkway

Orem, UT 84058



Education:       Master of Science in Cultural Anthropology, (2008)

                        University of Utah


                        Bachelor of Science in Vocational Education (1993)

                        Southern Illinois University at Carbondale




Work History

1984-1986      Journeyman Tool Builder                    Aerojet General           Sacramento, CA

1986-1988      Journeyman Tool Builder                    Rohr Industries           Riverside, CA

1988-1993      Project Manufacturing Engineer          Rohr Industries           Riverside, CA

1993-2000      Director Apprenticeship Programs      UVSC                         Orem, UT

2000-2001      Instructor Mfg Engineering                 UVSC                         Orem, UT

2000-2002      Co-Director Service Learning  UVSC                         Orem, UT

2002-           Instructor Environmental Mgt    UVU                           Orem UT

                 And Anthropology




Environmental Management

Environmental Worker Safety

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response

Skills for Humanitarian Projects

Environmental Management Systems

Site investigation

Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems for Earth Sciences

Land Use Planning

Environmental Policy

Applied Technology / Sustainable Development

Special Projects in Environmental Management



Applied Anthropology

Development and Rural Societies

Shamanism and Indigenous Religion

People and Cultures of Mexico


Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Intro to Manufacturing Engineering

Geometric Demensioning and Tolerancing

Blueprint Reading


Bachelor’s of Technology Management

Project Management



Ethics and Values



UVU Service Expeditions


May 2008        Tamaula Mexico,  Research and Service

                        Well  & Spring development, Surface Water

                        Joel Bradford, Mike Bunds, Steven Ememan

                        Funding CEL, Private, Service Fund

Results presented at Global Donors Network Conference Chicago, September 2008 and  the International Service Learning Conference UVU Oct 2008



April 2007       Sierra Tarahumara,  Service

                        Water catchement. Orchard Development, Film

                        Funding: Service Funds,  Student & Private

                        Film: Shamans Funeral


Oct. 2006        Sierra Tarahumara

                        Native Seeds Search harvesting,  Orchard Development, Water Catchement.

                        Marie Hunter

                        Funding: Service Fund, Private & Student


May 2005        Tamaula Mexico,  Research and Service

Well & Spring Development, Indoor Air quality (LORENA Stove Effectivness) Health issues, NGO effectiveness.

Funding:  Summer Stipend, SAC Grant, Private Funding

Results presented at University of Utah Graduate Student Clloqueim Feb. 2006 and the Society for Applied Anthropology Vancouver April 2006


Oct. 2004        Sierra Tarahumara,  Service

                        Water Catchement,  School Repair

                        Funding: Service Fund, Private & Student


April 2004       Sierra Tarahumara, Service

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