Robson, Shannen
Title: Senior Research Analyst
Office: BA 205
Phone: 801.863.7929
Fax: 801.863.7924
Mail Code: 174

2011     Ph.D. Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Anthropology, University of Utah
2003     M.S.   Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Anthropology, University of Utah
1996     B.A.   Anthropology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Currently held professional positions
Senior Research Analyst, Institutional Research & Information, Utah Valley University
Vertebrate Zoology Collections Manager, Natural History Museum of Utah
Assistant Professor/Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of Utah
Online Instructor/Lecturer, Program of Anthropology, Eastern Oregon University

Selected peer-reviewed publications
Robson, SL and KR Smith (2012) Parity progression ratios confirm higher lifetime fertility in women who bear twins. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B

Robson, SL and KR Smith (2011) Twinning in humans: maternal heterogeneity in reproduction and survival. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B
Rickart E, RJ Rowe, SL Robson, LF Alexander and DR Rogers (2011) The shrews of the Ruby Mountains, Northeastern Nevada. Southwestern Naturalist 56(1):95-102.

Hawkes, K, KR Smith and SL Robson (2009)  Mortality and fertility rates in humans and chimpanzees: How within-species variation complicates cross-species comparisons. American Journal of Human Biology 21(4):578-586.

Rickart, EA, SL Robson and L Haney (2008) Mammals of Great Basin National ParkNevada: Comparative field studies and assessment of faunal change. Monographs of the Western North American Naturalist 4:77-114.

Robson, SL and BA Wood (2008). Hominin life history: Reconstruction and evolution. Journal of Anatomy 212:394-425.

Jones, KP, LC Walker, D Anderson, A Lacreuse, SL Robson, and K Hawkes (2007) Depletion of ovarian  follicles with age in chimpanzees: Similarities to humans. Biology of Reproduction 77:247-251.

Robson, SL, C van Schaik, K Hawkes (2006) The derived features of human life history. In: The Evolution of Human Life History. R.L. Paine and K. Hawkes, eds. Santa Fe: School of American Research Press, pp.17-44.

Professional conference presentations (most recent 5)
2012    ' Evaluating the participation and completion of undergraduate students in STEM fields'. Poster co-presented at the Association of Institutional Research annual forum, New Orleans LA.

2011     'A comparison of enrollment projection models'. Poster co-presented at the Association of  Institutional Research annual forum, Toronto Canada. 

2010     ‘A retrospective profile of graduates to enhance student success strategies’. Podium paper co-presented at the Association of Institution Research annual forum, Chicago IL.

2010     ‘Twinning in humans as a measure of maternal heterogeneity’. Poster co-presented at the American Association of Physical Anthropologists annual meeting, Albuquerque NM.

2009     ‘Age at sexual maturity in humans: implications for life history analysis’. Podium paper co-presented at the American Association of  Physical Anthropologists annual meeting Chicago IL.




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