Robson, Shannen
Senior Research Analyst, Institutional Research & Information
BA 205
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2011     Ph.D. Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Anthropology, University of Utah

Currently held professional positions

Selected peer-reviewed publications

Robson, SL and KR Smith (2012) Parity progression ratios confirm higher lifetime fertility in women who bear twinsProceedings of the Royal Society, B

Robson, SL and KR Smith (2011) Twinning in humans: maternal heterogeneity in reproduction and survival. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B
Rickart E, RJ Rowe, SL Robson, LF Alexander and DR Rogers (2011) The shrews of the Ruby Mountains, Northeastern Nevada. Southwestern Naturalist 56(1):95-102.

Hawkes, K, KR Smith and SL Robson (2009)  Mortality and fertility rates in humans and chimpanzees: How within-species variation complicates cross-species comparisonsAmerican Journal of Human Biology 21(4):578-586.

Rickart, EA, SL Robson and L Haney (2008) Mammals of Great Basin National Park, Nevada: Comparative field studies and assessment of faunal change. Monographs of the Western North American Naturalist 4:77-114.

Robson, SL and BA Wood (2008). Hominin life history: Reconstruction and evolution. Journal of Anatomy 212:394-425.

Jones, KP, LC Walker, D Anderson, A Lacreuse, SL Robson, and K Hawkes (2007) Depletion of ovarian follicles with age in chimpanzees: Similarities to humans. Biology of Reproduction 77:247-251.

Robson, SL, C van Schaik, K Hawkes (2006) The derived features of human life history. In: The Evolution of Human Life History. R.L. Paine and K. Hawkes, eds. Santa Fe: School of American Research Press, pp.17-44.

Professional conference presentations (selected)
2015   'Fulfilling dual roles: Transitioning from the community college bachelor's to a regional university'.  Poster co-presentation at the Association of Insititutional Research annual meeting, Denver CO.

2014    ‘Incorporating external data into the program review process’. Podium paper co-presented at the Association of Institutional Research annual meeting, Orlando FL.

2013    ‘How a community college successfully coexists within a university’. Poster co-presentation at the Association of Institutional Research annual meeting, Long Beach CA.

2012    ' Evaluating the participation and completion of undergraduate students in STEM fields'. Poster co-presented at the Association of Institutional Research annual forum, New Orleans LA.

2011     'A comparison of enrollment projection models'. Poster co-presented at the Association of  Institutional Research annual forum, Toronto Canada. 

2010     ‘A retrospective profile of graduates to enhance student success strategies’. Podium paper co-presented at the Association of Institution Research annual forum, Chicago IL.