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Adjunct Instructor
LA 217
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Kara Childs




Continually striving to implement innovative teaching strategies that will benefit both students and department.




With extensive experience teaching, tutoring and mentoring students of all ages and abilities within a varied range of mathematical levels, I feel I would be an asset to your department. Providing one-on-one teacher/student interaction, holding extra review sessions, presenting clear innovative instruction, implementation of math journals to increase student’s ability to think mathematically, having patience and the desire to guide students along the path of success are key components of my pedagogical style.




Masters of Math Education    Logan, UT                     August 2004                Utah Valley University


Bachelors of Science           Logan, UT                       December 1997                       Utah Valley University




Math Instructor              Orem, UT            2007-Present     Utah Valley University


            0950 Pre-algebra

            0990 Elementary Algebra

            1010 Intermediate Algebra

            1000 Elementary and Intermediate Algebra


Math Instructor              Everett, WA           2005-2007       Everett Community College


027 Elementary Algebra  I

·        Properties of real numbers

·        Evaluating and simplifying algebraic expressions

·        Solving linear equations and inequalities

·        Solving fractional equations and inequalities

·        Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and simplifying monomial fractions

·         Solving fractional equations and inequalities

·         Graphing linear equations in two variables

·         Finding equations of lines and solving linear systems by graphing


028 Elementary Algebra II

·         Solving linear systems by graphing, substitution and elimination

·         Factoring polynomials

·         Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and simplifying rational expressions

·         Solving rational equations and applications

·         Simplifying integer exponent expressions and radical expressions

·         Solving quadratic equations and applications

Math Learning Center

·         Self paced learning center

·         Review of basic concepts in math with applications

·         Prime factorization

·         Operations on rational numbers

·         Applications using ratios, proportions and percents

·         Fractions, decimals, percents

·         Order of operations, scientific notation, formulas, signed numbers

·         Exponents, radicals, geometric figures and applications

055 Elementary Algebra

·         Linear equations and inequalities

·         Graphing and linear systems

·         Exponents and polynomials

·         Factoring

·         Rational expressions

·         Roots and radicals

·         Quadratic Equations

065 Intermediate Algebra

·         Polynomials, rational expressions, exponents, and radicals

·         Linear and quadratic equations

·         Inequalities

·         Systems of equations

·         Logarithms

·         Distance and midpoint formulas

·         Lines and circles


137 Applications in Contemporary Mathematics

·         Practical applications of mathematical methods to areas of management, social sciences, biology and other fields

·         Discrete mathematics, graph theory, probability and statistics


140   College Algebra

·         Advanced topics in algebra

·         Language of functions

·         Line and conic sections

·         Graphing

·         Exponential and logarithmic functions

·         Theory of polynomial equations

·         Matrices and determinants

·         Series and sequences


147 Pre-Calculus

·         Preparation for calculus sequence

·         Algebraic functions

·         Logarithmic functions

·         Exponential functions

·         Trigonometric functions

·         Conics


152 Calculus with Analytical Geometry I

·         Limits

·         Continuity

·         Differentiation

·         Anti-differentiation of algebraic and trigonometric functions

·         Applications

·         Introduction to integration


153 Calculus with Analytical Geometry II

·         Integration and its applications

·         Differentiation and integration and their applications to exponential and logarithmic functions

·         Techniques of integration

·         L’Hopital’s Rule

·         Improper integrals


Math Instructor          Logan, UT                  1998-2005                   Utah Valley University


            0900 Elements of Algebra

·         Review of Elementary Algebra

·         Preparation for Intermediate Algebra


1010 Intermediate Algebra

·         Linear Equations and Inequalities

·         Polynomials and Exponents, Rational Expressions

·         Roots and Radicals, Quadratic Equations

·         Lines and Systems of Linear Equations


1050 QL College Algebra

·         Real and Complex Number Systems

·         Graphs, Inverse Functions, Polynomials and Rational Functions

·         Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

·         Systems of Equations, Elementary Matrix Algebra

·         Induction, Binomial Theorem, Permutations and Combinations

·    Graphing Calculator Techniques


1060 Trigonometry

·         Trigonometric Functions, Equations and Identities

·         Trigonometric Applications

·         Graphing Calculator Techniques


1100 QL Calculus Techniques

·         Techniques of Elementary Calculus

·         Differentiation, Integration

·         Elementary Optimization, Introduction to Partial Derivatives

·         Applications in Business, Social Science, and Natural Resources

·         Graphing Calculator Techniques



SUCCESS Math Instructor    Logan, UT       2000-2003                   Utah Valley University


The SUCCESS Program was launched to promote academic achievement, facilitate learning communities, and increase student retention. Instructors selected based on proficiency, student evaluations and overall teaching performance to implement the fledgling program.


·         Increased student understanding of material through the implementation of extra evening and weekend review sessions.


·         Actively engaged students in the learning process via innovative teaching strategies


·         Designed math anxiety evaluation and provided students with resources to decrease anxiety and improve performance


Math Tutor                             Logan, UT       1995-Present                Utah Valley University


Math Department


·         Worked in lab setting tutoring individuals and groups

·         Motivated, encouraged, and instructed students in various levels from Beginning Algebra through Calculus III

·         Employed for three years


Athletic Department


·         Worked strictly with students athletes on an individual and group basis

·         Employed for three years


Private Tutoring


·         Tutor undergraduate students ranging from Beginning Algebra through Calculus

·         Small groups and individuals



College Advising Day Committee

·         Designed fun and innovative Math Booth

·         Created college wide flyer advertising advising day





·         Compiled and created booklet for students entitled: Guide To Math Success Topics include: Math Anxiety, Math Study Skills, Problem Analysis, Problem Solving, Reading your Math Book, Studying for a Math Exam, Debriefing After an Exam, Taking Notes, Getting Ready for Class, and Study Skills Checklist

·         Department Program Review Committee


·         Placement Exams Committee


·         Part Time Hiring Committee


·         Attended 2006 Women’s Math Luncheon

·         Volunteered to Host/Organize 2007 Women’s Math Luncheon


·         EvCC 2006 Math Conference Presenter

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