Vasilevska, Violeta
Associate Professor - Mathematics
LA 121j
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Math Research Papers:

  • K. F. Benson, D. Ferrero, M. Flagg, V. Frust, L. Hogben, V. Vasilevska,"Note on Nordhaus-Gadum probelms for power domination," (submitted) (PDF)
  • D. Adams, D. Gulbrandsen, V. Vasilevska, "Exploring properties of Cayley graphs of the Integers with infinite generating sets," Mathematics Exchange, Vol. 10 No.1, (2016), 40-50. (PDF)
  • K. F. Benson, D. Ferrero, M. Flagg, V. Frust, L. Hogben, V. Vasilevska, B. Wisseman, "Power domination and zero-forcing," (PDF preprint) (2015)
  • V. Vasilevska, "Homology n-speres as codimension-(n+1) shape_simpl -fibrators," Topology Appl., 155 (2008), 1140-1148.
  • V. Vasilevska, “Special Manifolds and Shape Fibrator Properties,” Topology Appl., 153 (2006), 2765–2781.
  • N. Shekutkovski, V. Vasilevska, “Equivalence of Different Definitions of Space of Ends,” God. Zb. Inst. Mat. Prir.Mat. Fak. Univ. Kiril Metodij Skopje, 39 (2001), 7–13.
  • N. Shekutkovski, V. Vasilevska, “Two Approaches to Proper Shape Theory,” Mat. Bilten, No. 21 (1997), 51–66.

Math Education Research Papers:

  • M. A. Karim, V. Vasilevska,"Having fun with Graph Theory and Forensics: CSI Fingerprint Analysis - Whose fingerprint is this one?", CCICADA module series, 2015, (PDF)
  • C. McBee, V. Vasilevska, “Information for Faculty New to Undergraduate Research,” Involve, 2014.
  • V. Vasilevska, “Ceva’s Theorem,” Utah Mathematics Teacher, 2013.
  • V. Vasilevska, C. Wagner, “Winning High School Women’s Heart and Minds,” Focus, Vol. 31, No. 3 (June/July 2011), 23–24.
  • V. Vasilevska, “The Power of a Point with Respect to a Circle,” Sigma, Skopje, 45, Vol. 21, No. 1 (1999–2000), 7–10.
  • V. Vasilevska, “The Honeybee–‘Mathematician,’” Sigma, Skopje, 43, Vol. 20, No. 2 (1998–1999), 65–68.



  • L. Babinkostova, V. Vasilevska, “Regional and State’s Olympiad Problems in Mathematics for High School Students from the Period of 1988–1997,” Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (1999).




- Calculus I – Lecture Notes (For Instructors only)

Throughout the years I developed supplementary materials for my Calculus I classes. They are in the form of lecture notes that closely follow Stewart’s Calculus textbook.

The lecture notes cover most sections of Chapters 1-6 of Stewart’s textbook. They contain definitions, theorems, and problems (chosen from the list in the textbook) with space to be used for the solutions of these problems. At the end, a list of homework problems is provided

Some sample lecture notes are included here: Section 1.3 and Section 5.1.

These materials are now available online for everyone who wants to use them. If you are interested in these materials, please e-mail me at Violeta.Vasilevska'at' with your name, affiliation and contact info.

I would be interested in hearing any feedback and suggestions from users of these materials.