McKenzie, Chris
Data Architect - IT Administrative Programming
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Programmer Analyst –
Administrative Programming Services



Utah Valley University, Orem, UT

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with a Minor Healthcare Information Systems; 2014

Associate of Science in University Studies: 2013



Utah Valley University, Orem, UT Jan. 2009 – present

Programmer Analyst (Jan. 2013 – present)

  • Design, developed and maintained databases warehouses and use Information Builders reporting tool called webFOCUS to build the end-users reports that integrate into the Ellucian BANNER product.

  • Work with project managers throughout the process to develop comprehensive applications that fulfill their needs.

  • Manage software projects throughout the Software Development Life Cycle using Waterfall and Agile models

Business Intelligence Developer- Student Employee (Aug. 2009 – Jan. 2013)

  • I worked on a project called Multiple PIDM, this is a continual project.

  • Designed reports for various departments.

  • Helped Admin over the Banner Priority Report System (BPRS).




  • Information Builders - FocalPoint

  • CoHEsion

  • U Banner User Group (UBUG)

  • Utah Chapter of the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (UHIMSS) - Student Liaison Committee




CHIRP-Notification System (

The CHIRP- Notification System is designed to help get the information needed to the EMS responders that respond to a CHIRP registered child. We am currently working on analyzing there current database so that we can make it more efficient, also we are redesigning the current website and giving it more functionality. The biggest improvement is going to be the push notifications to all the Utah dispatching agencies so that they can update their systems that they have a CHIRP child in their area. I am the project manager over this project.