Pakalani, Leialoha H
Assistant Director/Career Counselor - Woodbury School of Business
LC 409J
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Last Updated: 2/25/15 -
Lei Pakalani began working at UVU in October 2010 as a Career Counselor/Assistant Director with the Career Development Center. She also teaches adjunct courses for the Woodbury School of Business and Communication programs. Lei is passionate about working in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Her extensive background in teaching Management, Career Preparation, College Success and English (Literature/Critical Writing)as well as experience in Human Resources (Employee Relations/Training and Development), Corporate Finance (HR/Development) and Career Development (Job Search/Employer Relations) in Hawaii and Utah have prepared her well for an invested career with UVU. Nobody gets more excited about success in higher education than Lei. Face time with students, research, presenting and networking have all helped Lei to find her niche with the UVU family. She is also a busy mother of five (three are current UVU students), serves in the community and church and dabbles in writing and food gawking.