About UVU Recycling

Recycling at UVU began over a decade ago as concerned students that wanted to make a difference banded together to get a recycling program here at UVU. From those small beginnings the recycling program has grown immensely. UVU's campus is now littered with recycling bins to make it as user friendly as possible for faculty and students to make the responsible choice to recycle. As Utah's largest university, UVU has the responsibility to continue it's legacy of sustainability.
2012 marked the first year that UVU participated in Recyclemania!Recyclemania logo

Recyclemania is a nationwide competition between colleges and universities to see who can reduce, reuse, and recycle the best.

In 2011 UVU recycled approximately

157 tons of paper and cardboard which saved

  • Enough energy to power the average American home for 78.5 years
  • Over 1 million gallons of water
  • 518 cubic yards of landfill space
  • Over 157 metric tons of carbon equivalent

1300 lbs of aluminum which saved

  • 95% of the energy put into making the same amount of virgin aluminum
  • 9.75 Megawatt-hours of electricity



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  • Aluminum - http://www.epa.gov/wastes/conserve/tools/localgov/benefits/