Prepare for your return by taking a leave of absence.

At some point in your education, you may need to take some time away from school, be it for a humanitarian or religious mission, military service, health/medical issues or financial or family responsibilities.

If you have enrolled in at least one class at UVU and need time off, do your future self a favor by taking advantage of UVU's leave of absence program.  Taking a leave of absence offers big advantages, including:

  • Hold your scholarship
  • Get priority registration upon returning
  • Designate someone to register for your classes prior to your return
  • Access financial aid or veteran’s benefits
  • Determine your future class schedule


How do I do it?

Filing a leave of absence is simple — just login to UVLink and answer these four questions. Also, please refer to this leave of absence checklist (PDF) to make sure you’ll be taken care of upon your return.

If you have any questions, contact the leave of absence coordinator by email at leaveofabsence@uvu.edu.

How do I place my scholarship on hold?

When you initiate the leave of absence process, a "Scholarship request to hold" form will appear. Complete the form and submit it along with a copy of any pertinent documentation (i.e. mission papers) to the Scholarship Office at BA 105. Scholarships are only held for religious or humanitarian missions, military service, medical needs or certain extenuating circumstances.