Registration Tutorial

Registering for Classes On-line

Once your advisement hold has been cleared by an academic advisor, you can then log into UV Link to register for classes. Along with allowing you to search for and register for specific classes, this system gives you access to your personal information including grades, course schedules, financial aid information, registration holds and other important information. You should become familiar with, and utilize UV Link on a regular basis.

In order to log in to the UV Link registration system, you will need to know your UV ID number and PIN number. You will likely already have your UV ID at this point but it can be accessed again below if needed.

UV ID - Please note that the UV ID number will be different than your social security number. To obtain your UV ID, go to the following link and follow the instructions:

Password When attempting to log into UV Link for the first time, your password will be your birthday, entered in the following format: (mmddyy) with no spaces or dashes. When prompted to change it, be sure to change your password to a 6 character item that will be easily remembered as this will allow you access to all of your personal student information.

The following pages include step-by-step instructions on accessing and using UV Link to register for classes.