Reflection Center Advisory Board Members

  • Brian Birch (co-chair), Associate VP for Academic Affairs, Director, Religious Studies Program, UVU

  • Linda P. Walton (co-chair), President, Utah Valley Ministerial Association, Utah Valley Intefaith Club

  • Alan Bachman, Chair, Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable

  • Father David Bittmenn, Pastor, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

  • Caru Das, Director, Krishna Temple, Spanish Fork

  • Amy Grubbs, Director of Campus Recreation & Wellness

  • UVU Val Hale, President and CEO

  • Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Tami Harris, Chaplain, The Heritage School

  • Rev. Dean Jackson, Pastor, Rock Canyon Church

  • Craig Klein, Assistant VP for Community College Programs

  • UVU Ruhul Kuddus, President, Utah Valley Islamic Council

  • Kena Matthews, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity

  • Cameron Martin, Vice President for University Relations, Utah Valley University

  • Bob Rasmussen, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Utah Valley University

  • Pastor Russ Robinson, First Baptist Church of Provo

  • Shad Sorenson, Dean of Students, UVU

  • Blair Van Dyke, Advisor, Interfaith Student Club, Orem LDS Institute of Religion

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