The development of UVU's retention and graduation initiatives requires the cooperation of many campus entities. Several committees and task forces work through data, systems and research to develop programs that address the needs of students with vastly varying degrees of college preparedness and backgrounds. Below is a representation of the primary committee structure.

Student Success & Retention Steering:

Michelle Taylor, K.D. Taylor, Michelle Kearns, Marcy Glassford, Martha Wilson

Student Success & Retention Committee (SSRC):

  1. Michelle Kearns (Chair)
  2. Alexis Palmer, AVP- Student Life / Dean of Students
  3. Andrew Stone, AVP- Recruitment & Outreach
  4. Anne Wairepo, Senior Director- Women's Success Center
  5. Darrel Hammon, Senior Director- Community College Programs
  6. David Connelly, Faculty Senate President
  7. Keith White, Associate Professor- Developmental Math
  8. Kyle Reyes, CDO / Assistant to President / Faculty
  9. Liz Childs, Senior Director- Enrollment Manager
  10. Marcy Glassford, Director- First Year Experience & Student Retention
  11. Marinda Ashman, Department Chair- Student Leadership & Success Studies
  12. Margaret Bellon, Director- Graduation and Transfer Services
  13. Martha Wilson, Assistant Director- First Year Experience & Orientation
  14. Maureen Andrade, AVP- Academic Programs
  15. Michael Snapp, Director- Career Development Center
  16. Noemy Medina, Program Coordinator- Degree Completion
  17. Ray Walker, AVP- Office of Information Technology
  18. Richard Tafalla, AVP- Engaged Learning
  19. Robert Loveridge, Director- Institutional Research & Information
  20. Tara Ivie, Assistant Director- Student Retention
  21. Tiffany Evans, Director- Summer Semester
  22. Trish Howard, Director- Financial Aid & Scholarships
  23. Tyler Brklacich, Student Body President
  24. Wade Oliver, Director- Advisor Training & Development

Faculty Connections & Academic Experience (FC&AE):

  1. Marcy Glassford (Chair)
  2. Michelle Kearns (AACPSA SSR)
  3. Martha Wilson (FYESR)
  4. Candice Morris (FYESR)
  5. Darin Eckton (UC)
  6. Benjamin Johnson (UC)
  7. Ursula Sorenson (FCTE)
  8. Suzanne Walther (Science & Health)
  9. Rand Smith (SOA)
  10. Abraham Teng (T&C)
  11. Cory Chamberlain (CAPS)
  12. Lydia Kerr (CHSS)
  13. Luke Dean (WB)
  14. Elaine Byrd (Education)
  15. Bryan Waite (CGIE rep)

Student Retention Information Tracking System

  1. Michelle Kearns (Co-Chair)
  2. Marcy Glassford (Co-Chair)
  3. Tara Ivie
  4. Candice Morris
  5. Geoff Matthews
  6. Robert Loveridge
  7. Time Stanley

First Generation Student Task Force

  1. Marcy Glassford (Chair)
  2. Michelle Kearns (AAVPSA SSR)
  3. Kyle Reyes (Secondary Ed.)
  4. Liz Andrus (SCUP)
  5. Keith Jensen (TRIO)
  6. Nathan Hanamaikai (GEAR-Up)
  7. Tara Ivie (FYESR)
  8. Noemy Medina (FYESR)
  9. Tia Nero (FYESR)
  10. Marie Squyres (Student Life)
  11. Phil Varney (UVUSA)

Parent Relations Council:

  1. Martha Wilson (Chair)
  2. Andrew Stone (Admissions)
  3. Kris Coles (PSS)
  4. Jeri Allphin (Alumni)
  5. Kim Barraclough (LOA)
  6. Adam Black (ACC)