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The development of UVU's retention and graduation initiatives requires the cooperation of many campus entities. Several committees and task forces work through data, systems and research to develop programs that address the needs of students with vastly varying degrees of college preparedness and backgrounds. Below is a representation of the primary committee structure.

First-Year Experience & Student Retention Steering:

Michelle Kearns (SAAVP SSR), Marcy Glassford (Director, FYESR), Forrest Williams (Dean, UC)

Faculty Connections & Academic Experience (FC&AE):

  1. Marcy Glassford (Chair, FYESR)
  2. Michelle Kearns (SAAVP SSR)
  3. Tara Ivie (FYESR)
  4. Martha Wilson (FYESR)
  5. Candice Morris (FYESR)
  6. Basil Hamdan (T&C)
  7. Benjamin Johnson (UC)
  8. Merrill Halling (CSH)
  9. Lara Beene (SOA)
  10. Abraham Teng (T&C)
  11. Kevin McCarthy (CAPS)
  12. Lydia Kerr (CHSS)
  13. Luke Dean (WB)
  14. Elaine Byrd (MSOE)
  15. Bryan Waite (CGIE)
  16. Ben Moulton (UC)

Student Retention Information Tracking System

  1. Michelle Kearns (Co-Chair, SAAVP SSR)
  2. Marcy Glassford (Co-Chair, FYESR)
  3. Tara Ivie (FYESR)
  4. Candice Morris (FYESR)
  5. Geoff Matthews (IRI)
  6. Robert Loveridge(IRI)
  7. Tim Stanley(IRI)
  8. Evelyn Ho-Wisniewski(IRI)
  9. Noemy Medina(FYESR)

First Generation Student Task Force

  1. Marcy Glassford (Chair, FYESR)
  2. Michelle Kearns (AAVPSA SSR)
  3. Kyle Reyes (Secondary Ed.)
  4. Liz Andrus (SCUP)
  5. Keith Jensen (TRIO)
  6. Nathan Hanamaikai (GEAR-Up)
  7. Tara Ivie (FYESR)
  8. Noemy Medina (FYESR)
  9. Tia Nero (FYESR)
  10. Marie Squyres (Student Life)
  11. Phil Varney (UVUSA)