Advisor talking to a student

Advisors are busy. We get that. We also know that you care about your students... a lot.


Our retention tools make it easier for you to quickly and intentionally reach out to your at-risk students before their individual triggers adversely affect their academic performance and persistence.


We hope you'll utilize these tools and be a supportive voice of
"I CHOOSE TO RETAIN," a retention initiative that focuses on the ways we can all promote and support student success at UVU. After all, retention is everyone's job!



A valuable tool for peak and off-peak times, Stoplight gives you an instant glance at your student's triggers so you can advise them more effectively.


Students may not always tell you what classes they're struggling with, but with these early semester reports you'll have extra information to provide timely and relevant support... when students need it the most.

Outreach tools to enhance your student interactions