3-Week Project

What is the Three Week Project?

Research suggests that quality faculty interaction is the most important factor in student motivation and involvement. The Three Week Project is a recommended set of simple activities that faculty can do during the first three weeks of the semester to greatly enhance your student's chances for success.

  • Require attendance for the first three weeks of class.
  • Get to know the names of every student in your class.
  • Make sure students understand what is expected of them to achieve success in the class.
  • Establish learning communities within the class.
  • Participate in the Early Alert process provided through the Office of Student Success & Retention.

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A Word From the Vice President of Academic Affairs...

Faculty are at the heart of the university and their interactions with students are key to student success. I enthusiastically support the Three Week Project.

This initiative is an opportunity to strengthen connections between faculty and students and to provide additional support for students early in the semester. There is research to support that everything on the checklist makes a difference in student retention and success.

I encourage you to consider the checklist and implement as many of the elements of the Three Week Project into your classes as you are able. With your attention to this initiative, we can make a difference in UVU students being serious about, and engaged in, their studies.

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Ian Wilson
Vice President, Academic Affairs