Retention Mentors

Reaching Out to Students with Personalized Support...

The first few weeks of each semester are a critical time for many students, especially freshmen, as they struggle to adjust to new schedules and new expectations on their time and resources. Retention Mentors provide personalized support by reaching out to students who have been identified (through programs like Early Alert and Midterm Grades) at risk for failing a class. Additionally, some of the mentors are dedicated to provide support for specific populations who benefit from extra support at all times of the academic calendar. Through phone calls, emails, and one-on-one visits, our mentors help at-risk students identify resources and develop strategies that will lead to semester success, and progress toward graduation.

If you are a student who needs additional help in accessing available campus resources, contact a Retention Mentor at 801-863-8920, or contact one of the area specialists listed below.

Academic Standards Becca Richardson 

Becca provides support for students on academic probation, as identified by the Office of Academic Standards.

Contact Becca:
801-863-5267 |
Career and Technical Education (CTE)  | Jarom Spencer 
Jarom provides support for students in CTE programs, with a focus on helping those who are near program completion reach their graduation goals.
Contact Jarom:
801-863-5423 |
Early Alert & Transfer Students  |  Maddison Allsop  
Our Early Alert Retention Mentor provides support for students who have received an early alert email, as initiated by faculty through the Early Alert program. Additionally, they provide support for students who have transferred to UVU with less than a 2.0 GPA.

Contact Maddison:
801-863-8853 |
Women's Success Center  |  Ann Christiansen  
Our Women's Success Center Retention Mentor provides support for all female CTE students, as well as providing support for students that have been referred to the Women's Success Center.

Contact Ann:
801-863-3049 | 
Multicultural Office  | Glennierose Olah 
Glennie supports multicultural students who have less than a 2.0 GPA, as well as supporting other multicultural students as needed. 
Contact Glennie:
801-863-8796 |
Early Alert & UVCommit  |  Aubree Flygare
Aubree provides support for students who have received an early alert email, as initiated by faculty through the Early Alert program. Additionally, Aubree provides support for students who are enrolled in UVCommit.
Contact Aubree:
801-863-8920 |
Developmental Education - Math Focus  |  Nathan Everett
Nathan provides support to seniors who have not completed their quantitative literacy (math) requirement, and also to students who have repeated any developmental math course more than two times. 
Contact Nathan:
801-863-6599 |
First Generation  |  Tia Nero
Tia provides support to students who may be the first in their family to pursue a bachelor level education credential. 
Contact Tia:
801-863-6565 |


UVU received a Models of Efficiency Award for our Retention Mentor Program!