Injury/Accident Form

Download the form:

Who uses this form:

Students and others who may be visiting campus

(If a UVU employee is injured or has an accident, they will contact Human Resources, who can initiate a Worker's Compensation claim.)

When to fill out form:

When a student or visitor is injured or involved in an accident on campus or when associated with an activity sponsored by UVU off campus

Where to send this form once completed:

  • Send to Risk Management at Mail Stop 155
    • Mailing Address: 800 West University Parkway, Orem, UT  84058

Purpose of filling out form:

  • Track injuries/accidents involving students/visitors
  • Mitigate issues identified with form (fix what caused the accident if applicable)

Compensation for injury or accident:

There is no automatic compensation for an injury/accident on campus, however if there are questions concerning this please call Risk Management:

  • Phone: 801-863-7977
  • Email: