Release of Liability/Informed Consent Forms

Download the form:

When to use:

When students participate in an activity off campus that is sponsored by the University.

  • Examples include: camping trips, professional conferences, fieldtrip to an off campus location, etc.

Responsibility of the student:

  • Read the form and understand the content
  • Sign the form legibly

Forms for Minors (under 18 years of age):

If you have minors participate in an event, they will need to complete an "informed consent" form; please contact Risk Management for that form:

Phone number: 801-863-7977

Once forms are signed:

  • Send a copy of signed forms to Risk Management at Mail Stop 155
  • If the department keeps a copy, discard copies after two years

Any questions or concerns:

Contact Risk Management at 801-863-7977 or via email at