Annual Humanities Symposium

Wednesday March 19, 2014

Session One: Intercollegiate Panel on Found Objects in Art and Life

Found Art Collaborative Drawing Installation

Historical Evidence & the ‘Found’ Object: Intersections in Popular Taste, the Bona Fide, Romance, Commerce & Deception

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Richard Kurin

UVU Faculty Panel on Material Culture

Intimate Fences: Constructing the Meaning of Barbed Wire

Orphaned Objects: Patterns of (Memory) Loss in Nineteenth-Century Literature & Mathematics

Kitsch, Camp, and the Politics of Taste


UVU Humanities Alumni Pannel

Documentary as a Bridge between the Lost and Found

The Fifth Goal Project

Intercollegiate Panel on Mythology, Mass, and the Virgin Mary

Levitation Mass and the Fractured Split Subject

Our Lady of the Underpass: A Cultural Historical Approach to ‘Finding’ the Virgin Mary underneath Chicago’s Kennedy Expressway

Found Mythology: Joseph Smith’s Transformation of Common Funerary Texts into Intergalactic Cosmology

Original Text Lost, Poetry Found: A Reading of Found Poems by UVU Poets

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Intercollegiate Panel on Art as Context

Finding Our Way: Discovering Shapes and Stories

Memory/In and Out of the Box

Trash Talk, or, How to Dumpster Dive into the Divine Other

UVU Faculty Panel on Archeology and Archives