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(Note:  Courses with the prefix "CLSS" will change to "SLSS" by Fall Semester 2015. Some courses have already made the shift.)


Student Leadership Courses

Success Studies Courses

CLSS 1200 - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Powerful, personal leadership - the perfect follow up to your student success class. Build a lifelong foundation of principle-based behavior and habits. 

[See what Adam thought about this class] 

“I have never been so consistently engaged in one class. The more I learned in
this course, the more I wanted to work on becoming my best self. In 5 semesters,
this has been the only class I’ve found long term value in. This is not a class where
I simply work hard to do good on the final and then forget 95%. I’ve worked hard to
actually APPLY the material, not just LEARN it. This should be a required class for
all freshman. I am excited for my wife to take this course.” (Adam S.,  Spring 2014)

CLSS 1000 - University Student Success

Learn to use effective strategies for your success in college and life including goal setting, time management, and study skills. Get to know the UVU campus and make life-long friends.

SLSS 1400 - Dimensions of Engaged Learning

This dynamic program allows students to demonstrate hands-on experience to potential employers, graduate programs, or other post-graduate pursuits. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a notation on their transcript, regalia cord, and recognition during graduation ceremonies.  
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CLSS 1050 - Library Research

Learn effective information-gathering and skills to prepare you for intensive research and writing projects you will encounter.

CLSS 205G (or SLSS 205G) - Global Trends and You

Global Trends and You is a Global and Intercultural (GI) course which means students receive general education credit, not just elective credit, for it. In this course, you will examine what the world will look like in 30 years due to the influence of seven global
trends (population, resource management, technology, information/knowledge, economic integration conflict, and governance).

CLSS 1100 - Stress Management: Hardiness

Feeling Overwhelmed?  Develop effective coping and stress management skills with the holistic approach of this course.

CLSS 2200 - Leadership Mentoring I

Provides the theoretical base and hands-on training for potential UV Mentors. Examinesleadership and mentoring techniques. Focuses on applying and practicing mentoring skills. Assists students in developing their own advanced learning system and explores methods for mentoring these skills. Introduces and applies important presentation skills. Includes highly interactive class discussions, group exercises, and oral presentations. 

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CLSS 1180 - Speed Reading

(Note: Course number will change to 1195 in Fall of 2015)
Take your college reading to a new level by increasing your speed and comprehension.

CLSS 2300 - Leadership Mentoring II

Continues the development and practice of mentoring skills learned in CLSS 2200. Focuses on the development of practical mentoring and facilitation skills through course activities and individual mentoring assignments. Teaches the application of effective learning strategies and integration into the campus community. Emphasizes communication and leadership skills by integrating mentoring experiences and responsibilities. Includes large and small group dialogue and learning activities, field experience, case studies, student projects and presentations, written reflections and learning portfolios.

CLSS 1190 - Power Reading and Learning Strategies

Discover how you learn best and how you can be more efficient and effective in understanding and remembering key information in college texts.

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CLSS 240R - Leadership Mentoring Practicum

Allows UV Mentor to work with cooperating instructor to set goals and evaluate performance as a peer mentor in a UVU classroom (typically CLSS 1000). Provides opportunities to demonstrate mentoring and presentation skills. Features organizing study groups, service learning, and student life activities.

CLSS 2100 - Career and Major Exploration

Are you undecided on your career or major? Come learn more about yourself and improve your decision making. Develop an action plan for graduation and beyond!

CLSS 281R - Internship

Provides supervised practical and professional experience for students via internships!

SLSS 120R - Testing Strategies for Educators

Testing Strategies for Teachers is a course designed for Elementary and Secondary Education Students to help prepare them to meet the requirements to be admitted into the education programand to receive state licensure. May be repeated for a maximum of 3 credits toward graduation. 



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