What is a UV Mentor?What is a UV Mentor?

  • UV Mentors develop personal leadership and mentoring skills as they work with the instructor and students in University Student Success classes (and other various subjects, including Math and Biology). 

    We are "Students Helping Students".

  • UV Mentors model self-awareness, critical thinking, and commitment to academic standards.They increase their leadership skills by serving in leadership positions on campus, within the program, and in the classroom.They demonstrate how to expand one's understanding of self and others. They collaborate with and support the instructor with which they are assigned. They contribute in the planning and facilitation of classes. They actively and enthusiastically participate in class. They provide classroom, group, and individual mentoring to their students. They are a model of a successful student in their own classes. And, not to mention....

                      They have FUN!

    UV Mentor Mission Statement

    The mission of the UV Mentor Program is to maximize student opportunities for leadership in and facilitation of:

  • Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness
  • Academic Learning Strategies and Study Skills
  • Student Socialization and Engagement

  • UV Mentor Vision
  • Establish the UV Mentor Program as a premier peer mentoring and leadership program among the local, regional and national areas of higher education by maximizing opportunities for student development, success, and persistence to graduation and opportunities after graduation.

    UV Mentor Motto

    "Students Helping Students"

How do I BECOME a UV Mentor?How do I BECOME a UV Mentor?

1. Complete University Student Success (SLSS 1000) with a B- grade or above.

2. Complete Leadership Mentoring I (SLSS 2200) with a B- grade or above. SLSS 2200 is offered once in the fall and multiple times in the spring.

3. Apply to be a UV Mentor in spring. The application process consists of submitting a resume, cover letter/statement of intent, and an interview process. The interview process is held in April and contains individual and group interviews.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the UV Mentor Coordinator at 801-863-5436,
or via email at gretchen.palmer@uvu.edu

Do Mentors receive a scholarship?Do Mentors receive a scholarship?

  • The UV Mentor program will give a half tuition scholarship to each full-time mentor (In order to accommodate the needs of a growing program, the amount of the tuition waiver awarded to each mentor is a half in-state tuition waiver).

  • Any mentor who receives a scholarship from another source will receive a $400 cash award to be used for books and fees.

  • "The best part about being a UV Mentor is that friendships are built that don't only last the semester, but rather your
    entire college experience."
    Brian Nielson (UV Mentor from 2013-2014)

What is required after I am selected as a UV Mentor?What is required after I am selected as a UV Mentor?

1. Be an Example of a Successful Student

You will be expected to review the topics in the textbook your instructor uses in the CLSS 1000 class in depth and be able to demonstrate their value for other students through example and facilitation. Read it, know it, live it!

2. Participate in summer team building activities

Each summer the mentors participate in team building activities. Boot Camp is held at the end of Spring semester. This activity provides opportunities to work together to complete challenging tasks. In August, the group spends 3-5 days involved in a Service Expedition. The last few years have been spent at Flaming Gorge performing service as well as rafting down The Green River.

3. Assist with Freshman Convocation

The purpose of a mentor is to help students make the transition to college. The mentors begin by helping new students in the first week of school at Freshman Convocation if assistance is requested.

4. Attend assigned mentoring class

Each mentor is assigned to a section of University Student Success, Math, Science or CLSS course. The mentor is expected to attend the class every day and support the teacher in his/her classroom activities and discussions.

5. Meet weekly with instructor

Each mentor must set up a weekly meeting time with his/her assigned instructor.

6. Complete 10 mentoring hours per week

Each mentor must track the hours they spend helping students in and out of class. The time they spend in SLSS(CLSS) 240R, SLSS(CLSS) 2300, SLSS(CLSS) 1000, and in their weekly instructor meetings counts toward their total hours.

7. Participate in selected campus activities

A mentor is responsible for helping students to connect to the campus community. The mentor should inform students of all activities on campus, but the program only selects two or three campus activities to support each semester. All mentors are expected to attend these selected activities and invite their University Student Success students to attend also.

8. Attend weekly UV Mentor Classes and Meetings

Each week all UV Mentors meet during CLSS 240R to discuss upcoming activities and cover necessary training issues with program administrators and team leaders. Mentors serve each other, the students, and the institution as they work on one of four teams within the program.

9. Limit outside employment to 20 hours per week

Students who work more than 20 hours a week have not been able to meet the demands of a full-time class load and the requirements of the mentoring program.

10. Be recognized as a leader on campus.

UV Mentor CoursesUV Mentor Courses

SLSS(CLSS) 1000: University Student Success

(3 credit hours)

Approximately 1,000 students take University Student Success each year. The purpose of the class is to help students
increase their self-awareness, improve their critical thinking and study skills, and connect to their college campus. Most
students have the opportunity to work with a mentor who helps them to achieve these course objectives.

SLSS(CLSS) 2200: Leadership Mentoring I

(3 credit hours)

Before applying to be a UV Mentor, you must take SLSS 2200. This course introduces students to basic concepts of leadership and mentoring and allows them to further develop their own self-awareness, critical thinking, and campus connections.

SLSS(CLSS) 2300: Leadership Mentoring II

(3 credit hours)

In your first semester as a UV Mentor you will enroll in SLSS 2300. This course is designed to hone your skills as a mentor and prepare you for the specific topics covered in SLSS 1000.

SLSS(CLSS) 240R: Leadership Mentoring Practicum

(2 credit hours)

After the first semester, you will enroll in SLSS 240R. This is a practicum designed for accountability and ongoing skills assessment. You will submit weekly reflections and meet each week with the whole group to discuss relevant issues.

Meet the MentorsMeet the Mentors

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