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SLSS(CLSS) 1000: University Student Success

(3 credit hours)

Approximately 1,000 students take University Student Success each year. The purpose of the class is to help students
increase their self-awareness, improve their critical thinking and study skills, and connect to their college campus. Most
students have the opportunity to work with a mentor who helps them to achieve these course objectives.

SLSS(CLSS) 2200: Leadership Mentoring I

(3 credit hours)

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Before applying to be a UV Mentor, you must take SLSS 2200. This course introduces students to basic concepts 
Register Hereof leadership and mentoring and allows them to further develop their own self-awareness, critical thinking,
and campus connections.

SLSS(CLSS) 2300: Leadership Mentoring II

(3 credit hours)

In your first semester as a UV Mentor you will enroll in SLSS 2300. This course is designed to hone your skills as a 
mentor and prepare you for the specific topics covered in SLSS 1000.

SLSS(CLSS) 240R: Leadership Mentoring Practicum

(2 credit hours)

After the first semester, you will enroll in SLSS 240R. This is a practicum designed for accountability and ongoing skills assessment.
You will submit weekly reflections on Blackboard and meet each week with the whole group to discuss relevant issues.


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