| What is a UV Mentor?

  • UV Mentors develop personal leadership and mentoring skills as they work with the instructor and students in University Student Success classes (and other various subjects, including Math and Biology). 
    We are "Students Helping Students".
  • UV Mentors model self-awareness, critical thinking, and commitment to academic standards.They increase their leadership skills by serving in leadership positions on campus, within the program, and in the classroom.They demonstrate how to expand one's understanding of self and others. They collaborate with and support the instructor with which they are assigned. They contribute in the planning and facilitation of classes. They actively and enthusiastically participate in class. They provide classroom, group, and individual mentoring to their students. They are a model of a successful student in their own classes. And, not to mention.... They have FUN!

UV Mentor Mission Statement

The mission of the UV Mentor Program is to maximize student opportunities for leadership in and facilitation of:

  • Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness
  • Academic Learning Strategies and Study Skills
  • Student Socialization and Engagement

UV Mentor Vision

Establish the UV Mentor Program as a premier peer mentoring and leadership program among the local, regional and national areas of higher education by maximizing opportunities for student development, success, and persistence to graduation and opportunities after graduation.

UV Mentor Motto

"Students Helping Students"

Mentor and Student walking down hallway