Student Life and Wellness Center - Mission & Rationale


Our mission is to enrich the quality of life for students, faculty and staff by providing a broad range of recreation, wellness, and student engagement opportunities that complement the academic experience.

The primary goal of Student Life & Wellness Center is to align our mission and vision with the core themes for Utah Valley University which are: Student Success, Engaged, Inclusive & Serious.

Student Success

“Universities across the country are realizing the importance of campus recreation facilities in enhancing student success and overall quality of campus life. This is why it is no surprise that $4.38 billion dollars are being spent on campus recreation facility construction in the next 6 years.” – Paul Sampson NIRSA – data from NIRSA Fall 2013 Report

SLWC will enhance student success by:

  • Improving overall health
  • Facilitating social interaction
  • Providing stress reduction and relaxation
  • Fostering student engagement


The SLWC will provide expansive services that will meet the needs of our diverse population by providing programming for varying fitness levels and recreation/sporting abilities.  We will ensure this by:

  • Providing fitness classes, outdoor adventure trips, sporting events, educational classes, etc. for all level participants. We will implement various services within each class so we can provide opportunities for a broad range of students, staff and faculty.


The SLWC will work with faculty and staff in engaging students using real-world experiences and activities outside the classroom that we will offer through our center. These will include:

  • Internship programs
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Class research and projects
  • Team building opportunities


The SLWC will provide best practice and research based programming and services.  The SLWC will also:

  • Ensure that all fitness instructors, personal trainers, massage therapists, educational class instructors and SLWC staff have the appropriate certifications and/or training from an accredited source.
  • Provide ongoing non-credit research based educational classes and workshops.

Student Life & Wellness Center Rationale     

The SLWC will assist the University mission of Student Success. In our most recent American College Health Association (ACHA) survey that was conducted at UVU in 2011 the top academic impacts for our students were:

  • 1) stress
  • 2) sleep difficulties
  • 3) colds/flu                

Campus recreation and wellness centers are a place where students learn to use physical activity to cope with stress.  In addition, the SLWC will provide services such as massage therapy and the reflection room will provide a relaxing space for prayer and meditation which will help students manage their stress. 

Being physically fit and implementing relaxation techniques has been shown to assist individuals with both maintaining sleep and with restorative sleep which is an important key in student success. 

Finally, much research has been done to show that engaging in fitness programs, recreation, and relaxation services improves the immune system which will fight against the common cold/flu and heighten academic performance.


The SLWC will also assist the campus in Student Retention. Campus Recreation & Wellness facilities are a necessary component in recruitment and retention of students.  

Utah Valley University has over 33,000 students so the new Student Life & Wellness Center is a much needed facility to provide a space to serve the campus community.  Campus recreation centers across the nation:

  • Create an atmosphere that encourages students to interact socially in a casual environment.
  • Provide the campus population with the resources to enable them to lead a healthy lifestyle.             
  • Ensure student engagement opportunities that go beyond the classroom.

The goal of the SLWC is to help all UVU students, staff and faculty to develop healthy habits so they can achieve their highest potential!