All facility use the Student Life & Wellness Center must be pre-authorized before scheduling.  Send all request to After the event has been authorized, the requested party must be put into the campus 25 live system except for the bowling alley which can be scheduled by calling 801-863-5550. After approval the renter will receive all the contract information and facility instructions that are needed.

Campus Users (to reserve the bowling alley call 801-863-5550)

Off-Campus Users (to reserve the bowling alley call 801-863-5550) 

"Non-UVU " is defined as any groups or individuals who are not state or federally funded or co-sponsored by a UVU organization or department. Non-profits groups can receive discounted fees, but must provide proof of non-profit status. Non-UVU events are assessed a rental fee and in some cases are required to provide proof of insurance or purchase insurance through the University before events will be scheduled. Event and location requests should may be requested through the non-UVU event request form. These requests should be made at least 10 business days in advance of the event.

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