SLWC Reflection Center

The Reflection Center is located on the 1st floor of the Student Life & Wellness Center.  The UVU's Religious Studies department will provide oversight for this space. The Reflection Center will be a place for multiple religious groups to meet and conduct workshops on spirituality. The LDS Institute facilities located close to campus service the large LDS student community, however, it's planed that the Reflection Center will be able to bring together and service all denominations.

The center will be in three sections dedicated to specific activities.

  • One will be an enclosed space for silent prayer, meditation and reflection.
  • The second will be for verbalized prayer and other appropriate forms of religious expression.
  • The third will be for convening lectures, student club meetings and discussion groups.

Even though the Reflection Center's main goal is to give people of other faiths a home on campus, it is not the only reason.  Regular moments of quiet reflection and meditation are proven to contribute to sound mental health and assists in stress management. It is the hope that the Reflection center can provide a space for spiritual growth, meditation and relaxation for the UVU population.  For more about the Reflection Center click here.

SLWC Reflection Center Meditation RoomSLWC Reflection Center Prayer Room