Mission Statement

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UVU Students

Student Affairs collaborates to foster a holistic student-centered experience focused on learning and well-being by providing intentional programs and services to promote personal development and student success.

Student Affairs is committed to these core VALUES:

Collaboration: Student Affairs proactively seeks opportunities for effective collaboration with internal and external partners.

Student Success: Student Affairs recognizes the unique characteristics of each student and provides opportunities for academic, personal, and professional development. Engaged Learning: Student Affairs supports professional development and experiential learning for students, faculty, and staff.

Support: Student Affairs professionals embrace a personalized, seamless, and intentional philosophy to ensure each student is proactively guided through his/her educational journey. Leadership Development: Student Affairs provides opportunities to cultivate quality leadership in students and staff.

Inclusion: Student Affairs cultivates an environment that embraces a broad range of students from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Innovation: Student Affairs utilizes creativity, technology, data, and best practices to provide exemplary programs and services.

Student Development: Student Affairs values a holistic approach that fosters intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual growth of the student.


Student Success