Conflict Resolution


Maren Turnidge
(801) 863-7237


  • Understanding personal conflict styles
  • Building dialogue skills
  • Conflict coaching
  • Facilitated dialogue
  • Mediation and conciliation

Students are encouraged to responsibly and respectfully resolve their complaints and concerns. However, if you’re in a pickle that you’re having a hard time managing or resolving, our office provides conflict coaching to help all parties reach win-win resolutions. We empower students as we discuss strategic conflict resolution skills that will benefit you for a lifetime.

All conflict coaching is confidential, and we don’t judge. While we won’t take sides, we try to look at an issue from all angles to help you reach the best outcome. The goal is to put conflicts to rest before they escalate or become misconduct issues.

Contact the Ombuds or the director of Student Conduct for more information about our conflict resolution services.