Sanctions/Conduct Resolution

We understand that, especially in college, people make mistakes. It’s how you pick yourself up after that mistake that makes a life-long impact. Judicial Affairs seeks to help students reorient their focus back on their academics. Therefore, resolutions and sanctions should serve an educational purpose.

Types of conduct resolution include:

  • Informal Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Restorative Justice
  • Faculty-Student Resolution
  • Sanctions

If you are found responsible for a violation of the Code of Conduct, resolutions or sanctions relevant to the misconduct may be imposed, i.e. warning, probation, community service, or a failing grade. In more serious cases, where the safety or wellbeing of the campus community is at risk, suspension, expulsion, or revoking a degree may be imposed.


A complete list of sanctions for both academic misconduct and general misconduct can be found in the Sanctions section of the Student Code of Conduct.