New Client

Welcome to Mental Health Services (MHS). MHS is a department within Student Health Services that includes Medical and Wellness Education Services.

Mental Health Services provides students, faculty and staff with individual, group and couples counseling, and psychological evaluations.

Some of the reasons students miss class or even drop out of school are due to stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. The MHS therapists are able to assist students in resolving the above problems and many more.

Sometimes students are reluctant to get the help they need because of the belief that “I should be able to solve this myself.” Many times we can resolve these issues, but other times problems require professional assistance and care. MHS has licensed Mental Health Therapists who are skilled and trained to provide the needed care.

To make an appointment, either call 801-863-8876 or drop by the office at SC 221. The first appointment is free and there is a nominal charge of $10 for each visit thereafter. If you can document the fee is a financial burden, the fee can be reduced or eliminated.

Mental Health

Before you meet with a therapist, you will be asked to fill out intake forms. You will be informed that the information you share with your therapist is confidential. The records that are kept of your therapy visits and treatment are also confidential. They can only be released with your written consent.

In a private, warm and friendly atmosphere, our mission is to assist you in resolving the issues that are troubling you so you can be successful in achieving you academic goals.