The Zone Calendar

Everyday the Zone offers free, fun, and engaging activities. Learn: adventure skills, watercoloring, personal budgeting, sports, gourmet cooking, and more. Everything you need is provided. Bring your friends and "get in the ZONE!"


9 am "Monday Morning Waffles"  (Demonstration Kitchen, Wellness Center)
11am "Intramurals"
11am "Micro-Service Projects"

11 am "Five-Minute Spanish"

Noon "Sewing Basics"

1:00 pm "Five-Minute Swedish"



10 am "Outdoor Adventure"

11 am "Tasty Tuesday" (Demonstration Kitchen, Wellness Center)

11 am "Organic Apartment Gardening"

Noon "DIY Five-Minute Crafts"

1:00 pm "Drone Photography/Video"

2 pm "Tutor Zone" (tutors at the Zone to help you in science, math and writing)


10 am Wellness Wednesday

11 am "Budget Chef"  How to create healthy inexpensive meals  (Demonstration Kitchen Wellness Center)

11 am "Five-Minute Chinese"

11:30 am "Wolverine Wednesday Money Machine" 

Noon "Creative LEGOs"

2 pm "Math Tutoring"


9 am "Ask A Mechanic"

10 am "Relaxation Zone"

11 am "Hallway Gourmet" (Demonstration Kitchen Wellness Center)

11 am "GoPro Video Tips/Tricks"

Noon "Culture Chef"  (Demonstration Kitchen Wellness Center)

Noon "Kinect Adventure"

1 pm "Tutor Zone" (tutors in the Zone for science, math and writing)


9 am "Flipp'n Friday Pancakes" (Demonstration Kitchen Wellness Center)

10am "Water Coloring"

11 am "Scrapbooking"

Noon "Outdoor Cooking" (Demonstration Kitchen Wellness Center)

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