What YOU Can Do

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Your Waste

Reduce your Energy Waste:

  • Unplug electronics you aren't using
  • Change incandescent light bulbs to higher efficiency CFLs
  • Adjust your thermostat a few degrees
  • Air-dry your dishes rather than running the drying cycle on the dish washer.

Reduce your Water Waste:

  • Turn off the faucets when brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Shorten your showers
  • Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Avoid watering the lawn in the heat of the day
  • Reduce Bottle Water Footprint 

Reduce your Solid Waste:

  • Use a refillable water bottle rather than a plastic disposable one
  • Separate waste from recyclables
  • Reduce junk mail by opting out of unwanted mailing lists
  • Go shopping with a recyclable tote rather than using plastic bags

Reduce your Air Pollution:

  • Ride UTA, carpool, walk, or bike to school - UVU UTA pass
  • Switch to environmentally safe products, toiletries, and cosmetics
  • Buy local goods and reduce transportation impacts
  • Be idle free and turn off your car when possible - Idle Free Utah program

Get Involved

Go to uvu.edu/clubs and find a sustainable club that fits your personality. Can't find the sustainable club for you? Make your own! A club can be a great way to meet friends, create awareness, and make a difference.

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