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Automotive Technology

Start your journey into the Department of Automotive Technology. Here you will find information on courses, student projects, our facility, scholarships and recreation. Then, take the ride of your life toward an exciting career. Look around and learn about your exciting new career and the awesome learning process!Learn More

Computer Science

Faculty members in the CS department represent years of experience in various related occupations and their academic credentials span an impressive variety of specializations. All members of the CS department work together to provide an educational experience designed to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the dynamic fields related to computer science. Learn More

Construction Technologies

Our mission is to provide a dynamic opportunity for engaged learning through a variety of certificate and degree programs that foster integrity, creativity, hands-on activities, and scholarly work. Success is measured by learners who leave professionally competent to build better communities through service, leadership and lifelong learning in their chosen field.Learn More

Culinary Arts Institute

We are very proud of our dynamic and exciting program here at Utah Valley University. The talented and skilled members of our faculty hold certification from the American Culinary Federation as either a Certified Executive Chef or Certified Executive Pastry Chef. Each of the chef/instructors brings many years of experience working in the food service industry into the classroom. Click any of the links below to learn more. Learn More

Digital Media

Digital Media prepares students for careers in digital media. It equips students with foundation theories and procedures to develop sound multi-communication structures. It integrates: graphics, text animation, video and audio digital materials to entertain, educate, and communicate ideas through meaningful human interaction. Students in Digital Media (DGM) may earn either an AAS degree or a Bachelor's Degree.Learn More

Engineering Design Technology

Engineering Design Technicians (formerly Drafters/Designers) translate ideas from design layouts, specifications, rough sketches, and calculations of engineers & architects into working drawings, maps, plans, and illustrations which are used in making products. They prepare drawings using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Design, and 3D modeling systems. They work in mechanical, electrical electronic, structural, architectural, civil, piping, and technical illustration fields. They make mathematical calculations related to the above fields using algebra, trigonometry, plane and solid geometry, applied mechanics, strength of materials and basic physics.Learn More

Engineering Technology

The Mission of the Engineering Technology Department is to prepare graduates to work in high demand, very technical, vastly diverse, automated industries that provide products and services to keep our state and national economy running.Learn More

Information Systems & Technology

In the information age in which we live, the most significant advances in business and organizations will be achieved through the strategic application of information technology.Learn More

Technology Management

Technology management involves the application of management skills to the discovery, development, operation, and proper use of technology. Technology managers help create value for their organization by using technology and other resources to solve problems and improve efficiency and effectiveness. In short, twenty-first century technology managers help ensure that technology creates a better future for all. Learn More