Our Mission

The mission of the College of Technology and Computing is to prepare students for successful careers or advanced study in a dynamic, technology-based, global environment. The College utilizes an engaged learning environment to provide the needed technical knowledge, skills, and scholarship that enable students to excel in their chosen profession. In addition, the College is committed to mutually enriching relationships with alumni, government, regional industry - and beyond, to supplement the classroom, provide real-world experience, and foster a desire for lifelong learning.

Dean's Office


Portrait of Dr. Saeed Moaveni

Dr. Saeed Moaveni, P.E.



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801.863.8237 | CS 720 | MS: 249
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Jamie Winn

Administrative Assistant to Dean


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801.863.8321 | CS 720 | MS: 249
Portrait of

Susan Dunn

Assistant to Dean & Finance


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801.863.8771 | CS 720 | MS: 249
Portrait of

Dr. Abraham Teng

Associate Dean: Academic Affairs


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801.863.6201 | CS 719 | MS: 249
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Dr. Anne Arendt

Interim Associate Dean: Student Affairs


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801.863.5418 | CS 718 | MS: 249
Portrait of

Jim McCulloch

Communication Specialist


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801.863.7004 | SA 306 | MS: 249
Portrait of Vikki Garrow

Victoria Garrow

Director of Development


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801.863.6380 | CS 624 | MS: 249
Portrait of Donna Cornia

Donna Cornia

Administrative Support III


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801.863.6380 | CS 720 | MS: 249
Portrait of Julie Harps

Julie Harps

Manager of Academic Advising


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801.863.8403 | CS 635| MS: 249
Portrait of Merrill Oveson

Merrill Oveson

Area IT Director


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801.863.6334 | CS 716| MS: 249
Portrait of Sara Moore

Sara Moore

T&C Internship Coordinator


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801.863.5641 | GT 601 | MS: 249