Frequently Asked Questions


How do I log in to the lab computers?

The Username and password for logging into UVU lab computers is the same as UVlink or Canvas.

My password isn't working/I forgot my password.

If you’ve forgotten your password or it isn’t working for some reason, you can call UVU Service Desk at 863-8888.

How do I change my UVU password?

If you know your password you can change it by logging into UVlink and clicking "My Account" in the top left corner. If you do not know your password you can change it by clicking "Forgot password" under the login button and answering your secret questions.

How often should I change my password?

Passwords through UVU expire once per year and are required to be changed that often. If you feel like you should change it more often than that you should do so.

VPN Access

Click here for a list of instructions for setting up your computer to access the Technology and Computing VPN.

To learn more about what a VPN is click here - Virtual Private Network

General Campus Access

Before you can connect to the campus network remotely, you will need to request VPN access. Complete the  VPN Access Request Form

When your VPN access is granted, you will receive an automated email message providing you with instructions on installing the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client on either your Windows or Mac computer.

[ IMPORTANT NOTICE- Update ] – VPN is back up – However, the DNS changes done to the 117 subnet have changed outside access. Stuvpn1, and Stupvn2 host names will not resolve off campus.   Users MUST use the in order to connect… as they should be anyway. 



How do I access my DreamSpark account? 

All students in a CS / DGM / INFO / TECH Class have access to free Microsoft software through DreamSpark.Software access is only granted after the Add/Drop date of each semester or term. You should receive an email in your UVLink account after the semester starts (meaning after Add/Drop date) telling you that your account has been set up and how to access it. If you do not get an email, first check your spam folder, then contact us if it is not there.   First of all check to make sure you are using your UVLink email address ({UVID} If you are trying to register with the correct email address and it is still not working, contact a lab tech, or come into the open lab and a lab tech will help you get it sorted out.

How do I install the software after I've downloaded it?

Some of the software on DreamSpark can be a little tricky to install. Fortunately, the DreamSpark website has great help files. If you are still having trouble even with the help files, feel free to contact a lab tech and they will be happy to help you figure out how to install your software.


How much does it cost to print?

Printing from the color printer costs $0.25 per page, and black and white costs $0.05.

Can I print wirelessly from my laptop?

Yes. Sign into with your UVID and password. It will let you upload a file and select a printer on campus to print to. Make sure your file is one of the supported types (listed on the website), and remember that this service will still charge your print credit and will not work if you don’t have enough credit for the number of pages you’re printing.

Why didn't my document print?

First of all, check to make sure you have enough print credit for your current print request. Do you?


In that case it may be a problem with the printer. Come see the lab techs in  (CS 716) or give them a call at 801.863.8508 and they will get the problem sorted out for you.


There’s your problem. You can add more print credit from your computer with a credit card. Otherwise, One Stop will add credit for cash.

Lost and Found

I lost something in one of the computer labs.

We keep a lost and found in (CS 716). Ask one of the lab monitors about it and they will check to see if it’s been found.

I lost something over a week ago

Our lost and found items are taken in to the campus-wide lost and found at Campus Connection once every week. The item you lost is most likely with them now.


Computer Labs

Why do I pay a lab fee when I have my own laptop?

The cost of a lab computer is only a portion of your lab fee. Lab fees also support resources used in your course — FTP servers, web servers, database servers, switches, firewalls, laptop connectivity, etc. If you use the wireless network, you receive a return on your lab fee investment. If your class is held in a lab, and the lab has a projector, you're receiving the benefit of your lab fees. If you're a multimedia student working on an animation project, your lab fees pay for the server farm that renders your work. If you're a CNS, INFO, or TECH student, the Microsoft software checkout program saves you a significant amount. These are hidden costs that most students don't consider.

I forgot to log off and someone erased my work. Can I get it back?

No, each machine has its own storage and the hard drives are not backed up. Students are responsible for keeping a backup of their own data.


I can't login to AD on any lab computer.  Why?

Only students who are students in the College of Technology and Computing (T&C), or who are taking a class in the T&C can login on to AD on a lab machine.  If you are taking a class in the T&C and are not able to login, please call 801.863.8508 or come to room CS 716.


How do I get wireless access?

To get wireless access, join either the Wolverine-WiFi or Wolverine-Secure and open up a web browser. You should be redirected to a page to download the Bradford Persistent Agent. Once you have that installed, log in with your UVID and password to get access to the WiFi.

What is the Bradford Persistent Agent?

The Bradford Agent helps to keep our wireless network safe and secure, it scans to ensure that your antivirus software and OS are up to date and ready to safely join the network. 

What is the difference between Wolverine-WiFi and Wolverine-Secure?

Wolverine-Secure is different from Wolverine-WiFi because it encrypts the transmission of your data between your computer and your wireless access point only. It also tends to be more difficult to set up. If you need help setting it up, please contact the UVU Service Desk at 863-8888.



Can I reserve a lab?

I still don't know the answer to that, I'll get back to you on that.

Can I get prox card access to a lab?

We're working on making the transition to prox card access for our labs. If a lab already has prox card capabilities and you don't have access, please let us know.

My hard drive crashed. Can you help me recover my data?

Probably not. You really should keep a backup.



Where can I go to get help with my laptop?

We offer minimal repair services for free in CS 716. Listed below are the services we can perform for you. For anything else, check out UVU Service Desk's repair services.

Free Services

  • Walk-in consultation
  • Full system diagnostic
  • Recommendation on repairs or upgrades
  • Software install and removal instructions
  • Wireless setup and basic troubleshooting
  • Quick-Fix and non-invasive triage of system issues

Can I borrow a flash drive/headphones?

Sadly no. There was a time when we would lend out headphones or flash drives, but eventually they all disappeared and we have no more to lend out.

Are there any tutors for CS/DGM/IT classes?

We don't know anything about tutors anymore. We recommend speaking with your professor about the best way to get help for that class.



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