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Note: The open lab is in CS 611. You can pick which lab's schedule to view by clicking on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Lab Schedule and Software tables are best displayed using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Lab Software



Rules of Use

These rules, the UVU Appropriate Use Policy, and other campus policies govern the use and operation of College of Technology and Computing computer labs. By using UVU hardware, software, network connectivity, or infrastructure resources you agree to these rules. If you have questions about these rules please contact a member of the Technical Support staff.


  1. No food or beverages are allowed within the labs.
  2. Children are not allowed in the labs.
  3. Do not share your username or password with others. Users that violate this policy will have access permissions disabled.
  4. Use of College of Technology and Computing hardware, software, network, and infrastructure resources is limited to students currently enrolled at UVU.
  5. Students are not permitted to remove network cabling or change the hardware configuration of any lab workstation, server, or computer. Students that do so will be asked to leave the lab.
  6. Do not leave your machine unattended. Doing so may result in a loss of information or use of your account privileges by others.
  7. Disruptive talking, use of cell phones, viewing images or web sites that are offensive to others, or sending harassing messages are not permitted.
  8. Recreational use of the Internet (such as gaming and chatting, and Email) are considered low-priority activities and you may be asked to leave if you are involved in these activities.
  9. Do not violate the copyright or license agreements of software or other intellectual property by making unauthorized copies. The college will prosecute those who infringe upon copyrights.
  10. E-mail is for person-to-person communication. Do not send spam messages to large groups of people.
  11. The Technical Support staff is not responsible for lost data. You are responsible to make a backcup copy of important data.
  12. As permitted by the UVU Appropriate Use Policy, your workstation and connectivity may be monitored by the Technical Support staff.

Lab Schedules

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