DreamSpark & VMWare

We have four different DreamSpark subscriptions available for faculty, staff, and students of each department. They are:

  • DreamSpark Premium – Digital Media
  • DreamSpark Premium – Technology Management
  • DreamSpark Premium – Computer Science
  • DreamSpark Premium – Information Systems & Technology

There is also a VMware subscription available for the following departments.

  • VMware - Digital Media
  • VMware - Information Systems & Technology

For information about the software products available in DreamSpark Standard and DreamSpark Premium, please see this web page: https://www.dreamspark.com/institution/subscription.aspx


All of the software available to you can be found at uvutc.onthehub.com. Simply register with your uvlink email (see instructions below).

DreamSpark Access Guidelines for Students

  • All students in a CS / DGM / INFO / TECH Class have access to free Microsoft software through DreamSpark.
  • Software access is only granted after the Add/Drop date of each semester or term.
  • You should receive an email in your UVLink account after the semester starts (meaning after Add/Drop date) telling you that your account has been set up and how to access it.
  • If you do not get an email, first check your spam folder, then contact us if it is not there.   First of all check to make sure you are using your UVLink email address ({UVID}@uvlink.uvu.edu). If you are trying to register with the correct email address and it is still not working, contact us

NOTE: All students who are officially registered for a class in the School of Technology and Computing will be given DreamSpark access after the Add/Drop Deadline. After the deadline, follow the instructions on the top right of this page on how to register an account and get access to your DreamSpark account. After fully following the registration steps and access is still not granted then you can contact us for help.

Student Software Access before Add/Drop Deadline

  • Students have access to use software needed for a registered class before the add/drop deadline in any of the labs located in the School of Technology and Computing.
  • To know when the Labs are available to use and what software is in which lab to use, you can click on the 'LABS' tab on the menu above. Where the Lab Schedule and Software tables are displayed and can be searched through to find which labs have the software you need.


How to Register your Account

  1. Go to the DreamSpark website
  2. Under the "Sign In" box, click Register.
  3. Enter your UVLink Email address (12345678@uvlink.uvu.edu) as your username.
  4. Press "Continue"
  5. A verification email will be sent to the email address you just entered. Check the email and click the link.
  6. Enter your Last name and First Name
  7. Create a password and enter it into both of the password boxes.
  8. Click Register