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Don Wilson - 801.863.8124

Engineering Graphics:
David Manning - 801.863.8085

Kelly Baird - 801.863.8860

Robot Rally:
Curtis Welborn - 801.863.7058

Digital Media Arts Festival:
Khanni Bills - 801.538.7863
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Project Displays

Registrations for project displays must be received by Monday, April 30, 2014. Any registrations received after that day will be accepted as space is available. Displays that come the day of the show will be accepted only if space is available.

Students may display as many projects as applicable. For a detailed description of projects and displays, please visit the events page. If you have an item that is not included on the list please contact Jamie Winn, 801.863.8321.

Once a school has registered, a confirmation email will be sent to the faculty listed below. Use as many forms as needed for each high school. If you have any further questions, please contact:

Jamie Winn

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