29 Party Conference Call Instructions

Meet-me Conference Instructions: (Up to 29 numbers in the call)

Please Schedule the use of this conference with Telephone Services!!!

Warning: There must be one extension on the campus in the conference call. If there is not, the outside callers will be dropped from the conference after being in the group for one minute

To enter conference from your phone:

  1. Dial desired conference extension (4001 or 4002).
  2. You are now in the conference call

Note: There are 2 conference groups programmed (4001 or 4002). Please schedule with telephone services to find the appropriate conference group.

To transfer a caller from off campus into the conference call

  1. Have caller on line one.
  2. Transfer the person into the conference extension
    1. If the person called you; dial the desired conference extension (4001 or 4002).
    2. If you called the person; press LINE or TRANSFER depending on your phone type, then dial the desired conference extension (4001 or 4002).
  3. Press the line one button where the outside caller is waiting on hold
  4. Press your end button or hang up to end the transfer.