About Us

UVU Theatre is THE destination for theatre in Utah for both audiences and students. Every member of our community is touched by our work, whether through our main stage productions, our theatre for children and youth, through the influence of our teachers, and by contact with our students. Through our classes, programs, and productions, we are interwoven into the tapestry of our connecting communities to the extent we are an acknowledged "cultural treasure". Our graduates are recognized as among the best prepared, most creative, and finest professional theatre artists and teachers in the nation. We stand on the shoulders of the giants of the theatre as we create the exceptional theatre of tomorrow.

We value:

STUDENTS as collaborators and colleagues and seek to develop mentoring relationships with them in order to prepare them for their future life, wherever their path may lead them: performance, creation, behind the scenes, education, arts administration, or a life outside of the theatre.

INNOVATION whether through original scripts, new interpretations of existing plays that deepen their relevance for a modern audience, the most engaging teaching practices to reach our students, or cutting edge design techniques.

AUDIENCES and seek to develop the kind of trust with them where our name is instantly synonymous with the highest quality, whether it is connected to one of our productions or on a student's resume.

COMMUNITY and recognize our responsibility to give a voice to the different communities we are a part of through our productions and our partnerships.