UVU Costume Shop

Costume Rentals

UVU Theatre Department has a large stock of time period and costume pieces that are available for rent. There are also many show sets including: Wizard of Oz, Annie Get Your Gun, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, etc.

Costume Rental Request Policy

Rental Supervisors: Anna-Marie McDaniel or Carla Summers


Costume rentals and returns are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. To schedule an appointment, please call the costume rental supervisor at 801-863-7220 during shop hours. We are unable to accommodate walk-ins. The scheduling of actual times for pick-up and return will be at the discretion of the Rental Supervisor. Renters are expected to be on time and late arrivals (more than 10 min. late) will be asked to reschedule. You will have a maximum of 45 minutes per appointment. Please know what you are looking for, so you can use this time wisely.


The renter assumes all liability for the rental items when they are in the renter’s possession. Fees for lost or damaged items will be assessed accordingly at the discretion of the Rental Supervisor and are subject to change without notice. The Costume Shop reserves the right to refuse rental at any time.


Rental Fees will be assessed as follows:

  Theatre Department School of Arts, Non-Profit,
Community Productions
Per Outfit $20/day or $30/week $30/day or $50/week $35/day or $50/week
Per Piece $5/day or $7/week $10/day or $15/week $15/day or $20/week

Pulling Fee - $30/hr
Cleaning Fee - $5 per item
Restocking Fee - Based on #
Min. Deposit - $50 or the value of the costume


All rentals will be charged a Pulling Fee of $30/hr. This covers the cost of pulling stock for a rental and is prorated at the amount of time it takes to pull your items. Designers and customers who come prepared with descriptions and pictures of items they are looking for will take up less of the shop’s time and consequently be charged less in a Pulling Fee.


Restock fees are based on the number of costumes borrowed and are at the discretion of the Rental Supervisor. They will be assessed and quoted at the time of the rental and cash or check for the restock fee is due at that time. Fees are set by the Costume Shop and are subject to change without notice. Costumes returned early will still be charged the restock fee. Anything returned late will be charged the per item rental fee.


A minimum deposit check or cash for $50 or the value of the costume is required at check-out. This check will not be cashed unless items are not returned on time or come back damaged. The deposit amount is based on the number of costume pieces checked-out and may be increased if there is a significant amount of items rented or the item replacement amount is substantial. The deposit check or cash will be returned once items have been returned undamaged and on time. The deposit fee will be required to reserve a costume for a future date and will be returned when rental fee is paid and costume is returned.


The renter will be responsible for moving and loading all rented items. You need to bring enough people to move everything in a timely manner. You may not use or store costumes on the shop’s show racks. However, racks are available to rent for $10/week (may not be stored in the costume shop).


All costumes are charged a $5 per piece. You will be quoted at time of rental.


Temporary alterations are allowed with basting stitches only (hems, button changes, etc.). All alterations must be restored before costumes are returned. Adhesive products (glues, tapes, iron-ons) may not be used on any item. Garments may not be dyed, painted or cut. Any permanent painting/altering of costumes will result in being charged the replacement fee.