Student Stories

Student Stories

By Dr. Floyd Olson

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Whether they graduated a year ago or 8 years ago, students from Technology Management tell us they're successful and pleased with their education and their careers. They tell us about their good wages, new homes, their job opportunities, their challenging and satisfying careers, the opportunity to move where they want in the U.S., their desire to further their education. Being responsible for writing this article, I asked the faculty and advisors if they knew of any graduates who couldn't find employment using their Technology Management degree, and none of us could think of a single graduate. As an example of the success of Technology Management graduates:

A female graduate informs us she is a Construction Facilitator (Contract Manager) who plans on returning to school soon to complete a Master's degree. Her duties include reviewing contracts for discrepancies, processing payments, maintaining budgets, preparing draws for multi-million dollar projects and interacting with corporate headquarters. She spends time in the field and works from home often. She's very pleased with the benefits.

A graduate wrote that he is an Automation Process Engineer at a "very comfortable wage" of a 450,000 sq. ft. facility. He has also served as a Facility Maintenance Manager. He has had offers, one from Oregon.

Another student is a General Manager for a 4-state construction division in northern Arizona. He oversees all operations for the large division, including full financial responsibility. There are 5 major trades involved, doing both commercial and residential work. He does business planning and forecasting for production, sales, revenue and profit and yearly planning. He said he wants to further his education and "makes a very good living". His advice? "To find an employer that they are happy with and treats them good. Then learn everything you can about your job and work your way through the ranks gaining respect along the way. Never cease to use creativity to excel in your work." He has his General Contractor's and General Engineering licenses.

A 2000 graduate, "who can't give specifics, but is fortunate to be on the upper end of earners for someone in his field with this experience level" is a Pre-Construction Manager. He develops the conceptual phase to final phase budgets and schedules, conducts plan reviews and value engineering. He assures that plans are constructible & coordinated with drawings & are complete. He has a constant need to learn new computer programs. He does everything possible to get to the contract agreement point with the owner since the work is negotiated. He works for a company of 400+ employees that has over $900 million in work nationwide. His advice? "There is always the need to be self-driven and able to work without supervision".

A 2004 grad works in northern California as an Office Engineer, working with subcontractors and he does all of the process work, submittals, orders, procurements and coordinating up to the point of construction starting, then he coordinates with the field supervisors. He works with a major commercial contractor building a hospital inside the walls of San Quentin Prison. Future positions will be as a Project Engineer and a Field Superintendent. He finds the work very challenging and he has been able to use the Technology Management major extensively.

One graduate wrote, "The success of a company depends upon the employees who are successes themselves. Employees who are focused on being successful in their own realms of responsibility affect the overall success of the company". These are just samples of our graduates and are gleaned from former students who have written after they've graduated. 

  • "The success of a company depends upon the employees who are successes themselves. Employees who are focused on being successful in their own realms of responsibility affect the overall success of the company"
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